Specialized Technical Proof Reading/Editing Services

With more than 35 years in Sales and Marketing management in the Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry, I'm able to offer the following technical proof reading and editing services. I've held a senior position at one of the largest Ventilation Companies in the world and have presented at seminars throughout Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia. My specialization has been in energy saving systems with the use of electronically commutated motors used in conjunction with air curtain technology.


- Catalogues and Brochures

- Technical Manuals

- News letters

- Product Leaflets

- Exhibition Headlines


As a native English speaker with strong technical knowledge in the HVAC market I enjoy being involved in working with marketing and information material. I'm self employed and nowadays focus 100% on proof reading projects for my clients.

I'm deadline driven always meeting my clients expectations and have built up good relationships over the past few years. Using my experience and knowledge in this field I am able edit documents into their correct context. Most often technical errors are created when translated. It is imperative that the source language, in this case English, is in the correct context prior to being translated into other foreign languages.

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